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A Conflict Here, A Conflict There, Everywhere a Conflict!

Picture of Maria with Anastasia sticking out her tongue at ...

The current residents of our Whitehouse, AKA the Romanovs,  are using the unique position of presidency to enrich their already lucrative, questionable business dealings. Reports are that these Russophiles are using our tax dollars to fill their coffers. Weekly trips to Mar-A-Lago are estimated to be 3 million/week. Security for FLOTUS to remain at Trump Tower estimated at 1 million/day! AND he’s charging us taxpayers for the privilege of protecting him at his properties.

When he hosts Heads of State at MAL, the costs go up astronomically. Even USCG is in on the protecting. Taking away resources to keep our coasts safe from military attack (we are literally at war with N Korea, Syria, Russia?), drug smuggling, etc. He’s using every trick in the book to funnel money into his properties. And his daughter, czarina Ivanka, is literally making deals with China’s Xi while her father negotiates actions against N Korea. WTF? How is this even happening? And whatever happened to those blind trusts?

Seems the only people blind to them are the GOP who won’t rein in this conman. Eric, Jr. is being kept abreast of all business of the Trump Organization. This is a despicable display of kleptocracy. It’s right-in-our-face criminality, yet all of the powers that be seem to have on blinders over eyes shut with crazy glue!