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Banned On Twitter…Again!

I don’t know about you but when I heard Julian Assange was taken into custody yesterday I was ecstatic! I couldn’t contain my JOY! I wasn’t alone…millions felt the same. As Trump and his cabal disregard all our laws, Black Churches in my state are set ablaze, and Nancy Pelosi acts like this is a fucking joke, I was at the end of my rope filled with despair. Assange’s arrest restored my faith. Then Pam Anderson tweeted her dismay that a fucking pedophile who hacked our CIA, DNC and fillowed orders or Russian intelligence officers to install Trump. All i said was she’s a whore who’s fucked all the wrong men and she’s a fucking traitor to our country. Nothing I tweeted was untrue. Just look at the men she’s fucked: Kid Rock, Assange, etc. Those are some helluva toxic racist micro-dicks to ride. So, I’m not sorry about any of it. I’m just sorry I couldn’t say it to her fucking Eva Brun racist treasonous face!(too harsh, you say?) But, I wasn’t banned for my comments on Anderson. I was banned because I was going after Pelosi for being sorely lacking in stopping Trump. I’m done with her useless tweets, her useless pressers, amd her misguided attacks on new members! Pelosi is becoming more dangerous than Trump by her callous inaction. Pelosi has to go and I’ve said since January 3, 2019 when she didn’t have subpoenas ready to go. Three months of negotiating with lawless Trump and his administration is causing irreparable harm. And she really doesn’t care. I don’t see any tangible evidence to prove otherwise. She has to go…NOW! So House can #ImpeachTheMF!!!