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It Has Become Clear: People Of Color, In America, Love America More Than Whites Do

Over the last 3 years, I have noticed something very startling. White people hate America! Maybe hate is a strong word but it’s clear that people of color love this country more than they do. I mean it was White people who started a Civil War to tear away from it but Lincoln defeated them. It is White people who don’t want to live up the full potential of the Constitution. I mean they defied the Constitution at the very start of the country by continuing slavery; after putting “All Men Are Created Equal” in the very document they claim is the cornerstone of Democracy.

Modern historians will try to reason and rationalize this schizoid thinking by saying it was the sign of the times and that evilness should be overlooked and the founders should still be seen as great men. This is the kind of thinking that has given rise to Terrorist Trump. Whites, in their venal and never-ending hatred of non-Whites, will be their own doom. None, not Democrat or Republican white person, can turn away from Trump and his carnage now. The ire of 6 billion “WOKE” people of color is going to come crashing down on them if they don’t let Trump continue to destroy our courts and other institutions to keep them empowered over people of color and non-Christians. Karma is a bitch, tho, and she never sleeps. White people’s reckoning is coming and it will be at their own hands, by their own evil deeds. What they have directed at others will come back to them. The chickens are patients but they will eventually come home to roost. And not one person of color will draw a White person’s blood! They will destroy themselves.