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Why Don’t We Hear Schumer Condemning Trump For Dangerous Attack Against Rep. Ilhan Omar?

You won’t hear much from Schumer in the ways of defending junior Congresswoman Ilhan Omar because he hates Muslims as much as Trump. And he is very appreciative for Trump rigging election for War Criminal and Human Rights Violator, Benjamin Netanyahoo(I know that’s not the correct spelling). I will never forget Schumer profusely thanking Trump for the controversial move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. As unarmed Palestinians were being shot and killed while protesting the move, Schumer was praising Trump and disparaging Palestinians. I also won’t forget picture of Schumer and Trump laughing while He, Pelosi and Trump were supposed to be negotiating DACA. When Ilhan Omar speaks of congressmen having allegiance to Isreal she is specifically talking about men like Schumer. Schumer is a racist (as many Jews in Isreal are) who has had dealing with Trump for decades in New York. So, naturally he will just stand by why Trump trashes our country. Pelosi sabotaged President Obama at every turn…she destroyed any chances we had to get single payer/Medicare For All for this ACA that is inadequate and doesn’t really address the problem of insurers jacking up prices while decreasing services.

Besides Trump’s tax return I want to see Schumer’s and Pelosi’s stock portfolio. I want to know what big business are they protecting. Why won’t she impeach Trump when has long ago proved that he is not working in the best interests of the country, but for his own interests. So, while we’re demanding Trump show us his returns, let’s also demand to know what stocks these two weak ass congresspeople are tied to. Let’s find out why Pelosi and Schumer are abdicating their constitutional duties and not putting Trump in check. Why won’t Pelosi impeach?

Do they not understand that it looks like they are complicit? It looks like they don’t care about the suffering of millions of Americans and immigrants? Especially, African Americans and Muslim. They look like out of touch racist gatekeepers who are trying to stop progress for marginalized people. And, frankly, that’s the worst look a Democrat in the United States can have.