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OMG! OMG! OMG! I Believe Hillary May Run For President Again!

Just a minute ago I watched Hillary in an interview discussing Human Rights, Immigration and I have to say her responses put Nancy Pelosi’s responses in her 60 Minutes interview to shame. The woman knows history, policy, how to solve real problem in a real tangible way. We are starved of a seasoned politician who gets it all right. Forget what Joe Scarborough says about her not having a message. His pea brain can only speak and think in sound bites; complex problems can’t be distilled into simplistic, linguistic soundbites. At least, if you are really trying to solve them they can’t. I see all these Dems running for 2020 presidency and each one has a quality(I like, tho some are lacking) but Hillary is the whole package. The Russians and GOP stole something precious from us when they hijacked the 2016 election and installed Trump. She is our most precious national treasure and people had better recognize that now before too late. Pelosi ain’t it yall. None of the Dems running are it. They will cower facing Trump and his immature baseless lies and attacks. Hillary takes him on straightforward and that is why he hates and fears her. So does Putin.

If Dems want to take back the WH, they better get behind Hillary and push her to run again. She really shouldn’t have to since she won the 2016 election outright but whatever. And, there will be some naysayers who say she shouldn’t run again. How is it Sanders can run again, Biden can run for the 3rd or fourth time but she can’t.

She can hold off announcing til December 2019 if she wishes and would soar to the top! And everyone should and must cede her the ground because she has 65 million votes, 3 million more than Trump. As far as I’m concerned we don’t even need an election. Nancy Pelosi just needs to get off her ass and subpoena Barr report, start impeachment and let the chips fall where they may. Regardless, Hillary is running for president in 2020. I can feel it in my bones! And she has my support 1000%!!