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Yeah, I’ve Got Issues With Black Folk, Too!

I’m really tired of some black folk saying how you expect white people to treat you right or respect you if we don’t respect ourselves. REALLY? So, you think because we aren’t fully united or we have problems within our community that gives whites the right to discriminate against us, allow police to brutalize and kill us, deny government funding even though we pay taxes. You see how they have bamboozled you to make their racist treatment of us our fault. Really, there are some Negropeans who think that treating Blacks well is conditional. All that they see going on in a racist system, they are trying to convince you that it is ok to be treated badly because your community is not perfect! Wow! These are dangerous people and they need to stay as far away from me as possible. For real!

Yo, we are all human and no matter how we treat each other as a group, understand that doesn’t give other groups the right to mistreat us! Let me put it this way: a bad parent may treat their child badly but that doesn’t justify another parent or other people to mistreat his/her child. Just think on that shit…So, please stop using that lame excuse for your cowardness. Saying that only proves that you suffer from self-loathing and don’t respect your brothers and sisters out here deserving of the same rights and privileges as whites. You do a disservice saying such foolishness. I don’t have to be a “perfect person” to expect respect, equality, a decent education, clean water, the same opportunity for employment, etc. Because, if you hadn’t noticed whites aren’t perfect either but you’re respecting tf out of them, without the reservations or restrictions you put on your own.