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Time To Swear In #MadamePresidentHillaryClinton!

Mueller has established that Donald J. Trump is a traitor and an imposter! He stole an election and politicians and media want you act like that doesn’t matter and he’s legit. HE. IS. NOT.

Why, after Mueller Report, teump is getting presidential privileges while we have been given a mountain of evidence that exposes how he and Russians hacked our election to install him. The American people didn’t vote him in! And after we know that all 50 states’ voter registration rolls were hacked to suppress votes using Kris Kobach’s Cross Check system, I think it is imperative to stop talking about impeachment and start dealing with #Imposter like the average criminal. Indict him, remove him from office and try him for treason like Ukrainians did to the last Russian installed president.

If we continue to treat an illegitimate imposter like he’s authentic we are risking a loss in 2020 and even more carnage til then and after! TRUMP MUST BE REMOVE! And let me say, any Dem candidates who are still thinking it’s a good idea to use the election theft of 2016 to boost them to the presidency, think again. You are only furthering the coup and legitimizing this illegitimate administration. Americans are watching you feeding off the carcass of Hillary Clinton’s fairly won presidency. You will not be rewarded with our votes. Each one should be vigorously championing Hillary and demanding she be sworn in as POTUS. Anything less makes them complicit and accomplices to the Trump/Russia coup.