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Vetting Joe Biden

I’m not a member of the #VoteBlueNoMatterWho club. I will not waste my vote on a candidate who is groveling to voters who’s judgement or lack of concern of racists who voted for Trump in the last election. It has been 2.5 years and they need to be catered to but they take the Black vote for granted because they assume we are so frightened of Trump that there is no other choice but Centrist Democrats. I have a problem with that premise. You think Blacks should vote for any Democrat because of Trump and sit back and watch them cater to racist Whites and exclude our issues or put them at the bottom of issues to address. No, that is total bullshit. We didn’t vote Trump into office, they did. So my thinking is cater to us and use your time and resources getting likeminded folks whom you can inspire and motivate to vote for a Democrat. There are more Dems than republicans so I don’t see why this is so hard for #TheResistance to understand. They had rather chase unicorns rather than expand the base. The base, primarily Black women, are paying attention to them. We are listening and watching and are concerned that you think it ok to forsake us for people who will never vote for you. They give the weak excuse that they voted for Trump because they felt left behind. No, you weren’t left behind, you walked away because you didn’t think you had to be inclusive and that like everything else in this country you want top billing. Well, that’s not how it works in the 21st century.

As far as I am concerned, Trump isn’t doing anything to the Black base. Their targets are immigrants, Muslims and now white women(who voted overwhelmingly for Trump). There’s an all-out assault against the women who championed him in 2016. White women’s reproductive rights are being stripped away faster than you can shake a stick. And equal pay is dead. And they are being prepped for Hand Maiden duties. That doesn’t affect Black or Latino women. We are the least to get abortions and we already make less than white men AND women. But now they want us to come to their rescue…#VoteBlueNoMatterWhat. Say What?!

They get highly upset when I vet candidates they like. They call it attacks. “Why are you attacking Biden, Buttigege, etc?”, they say. Well, Biden wrote a policy that incarcerated a generation of Black men and women and is proud of that to this day(he hasn’t apologized or said it was a mistake). I hear the argument: But he has changed, he was instrumental in giving LGBTQ more rights. So?! He had 8 years under President Obama to correct the devastating 3 strikes law and he didn’t lift a finger. Yeah, President Obama should have addressed it but Biden, who was the author, could have pressed President Obama to reverse that devastating law and he didn’t say a word about it. Skipped all over those Black men and women still in prison on the 3 strikes law. Even Trump’s racist ass pretends to address prison and sentencing reform. It’s window dressing and ineffective but at least he had a little good sense to throw a bone. Biden sponsored the VAWA and I applaud him but has it reduced violence against women…I think not.

Let’s get to Buttigege. Mayor Pete has been touting his sexual orientation while at the same time he’s saying ignore “identity politics”. WTAF? He was the biggest beneficiary of Identity politics during the last 10 yrs while blacks and other POC’s voting rights were being stripped. But at the end of the day…with Mayor Pete we get TWO white men for the price of one. GMAFB. His brain and thinking are that of a male; patriarchal as the most white men’s are. And he tried a neat trick saying that a Black trans-women needs as more civil rights protection as a black woman. I beg to differ. By the time most trans women decide to convert, they have reached high ranks in their fields or occupation. And that rank is protected even more when the transition. No such thing happens for Black women. Not to mention trans women are not fighting for WOMEN’s reproductive right be the women white or black. I’m waiting to see them alongside women in this assault against mainly white women. Any stories you hear are merely anecdotal. And I get it because they won’t ever have an abortion, so this battle isn’t theirs. And I also get they are still biologically male and they are innately thinking like a man. I don’t hold it against them at all. It’s nature.

Back to Joe Biden. He won’t win the nomination because, firstly, he’s a gaffe machine and secondly, he’s got a policy past that is devastating for any white male candidate in 2019. It is worst than Kamala Harris, who was State Attorney of California. “Why?”, you ask. Because Harris was only following the laws Biden enacted. She tried to use her office in a positive manner to cause the least harm to communities of color while seeking justice for victims of crimes. She wasn’t easy on crime and her opposition are too happy to point that out. But, she could have used the 3 strikes law, which incarcerated a generation of POC and left their children fatherless and motherless. It was more damaging than the attack on Iraq, leaving millions of children orphans for a bogus war. Then wonder why the children don’t trust the government and feel disaffected from the establishment. Jo Biden can’t atone for it now because he had 8 years to fix it and he passed on it the entire 8 years.

What makes what Biden did so unforgivable is that now they see the white community’s opioid addiction epidemic(no such compassion for Blacks addicted to crack cocaine) is being addressed as a medical issue but crack cocaine addicts were treated as moral failures and criminals even though the science existed that drug rehabilitation was a better and cheaper solution than incarcerating them. Hardly ever was it the Dealer who faced these charges. It was the addicts who felt the brunt of such an inhumane policy. Biden knew this then, he knows it now and I would love to see how he addresses the white opioid addicts(if he does at all).