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1619 Project

If you guys aren’t too squeamish I would love for you to take a serious dive in the New York Times’ Magazine and read the excellent pieces celebrating(totally inappropriate characterization) of the 400th anninversay of the first(documented) enslaved Africans to the Americas at Jamestown, Va.

It is the American history that I always intuitively knew but was denied in my so-called well-rounded education. As I sat in classrooms as a child I knew what my white teachers were teaching was incongruent to simple logic. And if I ever asked questions or probed a little deeper my little Black self was deemed too talkative, verbose, and not following curriculum. For 12 years I felt like an outcast from my White classmates because, like I said earlier, shit just didn’t add up.

The New York Times’ Magazine laid all my anxieties to rest. They even confirmed my everlasting suspicion that the Revolutionary War was to retain slavery; something White people are still denying today. Even MY daughter was brainwashed up until a few months ago when I told her. I said to my dear child: look it up, follow the timelines, read the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution and you will see that America is a schizophrenic nightmare. But you don’t really have to go through all these hoops. You simply have to use logic and not have a care as to how White people will respond(this is the most important part). We must tell OUR history without regard to how it makes them feel because they have been telling a lie of their history without any regard as to how it made us feel. And OURS is very, very real and persists to this day!