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Uh-Oh, China Comes Out Swinging…Wait Until China Outwits The Nitwits…Again!

China is NOT going to let the science-denying fools in the Whitehouse and Republican party drop this pandemic in their laps. U.S. HAD OUTBREAKS IN NOVEMBER TOO! Trump had his emergency physical the same day(November 17, 2019) of the first reported case in WUHAN(November 17, 2019)! We had U.S. scientists in China at WHO and they were managed by, guess who? DR. FAUCI! So, the respectable doctor knew about everything in November. He also knew there were cases in the U.S. a week later in California…and COVERED IT UP! He AND Trump covered it up for 3 months! Letting it spread throughout the country. China reported to WHO on the same day and WHO then reported to Trump officials and of course Trump has repeatedly lied about his knowledge.¬†Also, the strain of COVID-19 in the U.S. is from EUROPE. The virus didn’t even begin in China…it started in EUROPE! The truth will come out, no matter how much Trump and Republicans try to place blame on the Chinese or cover up the truth. Trump can threaten to withhold funding from WHO, threaten to forfeit on our debt to China(stupid move) or pretend American researchers have found a miracle cure…The truth is coming! And the Chinese and WHO are going to tell it like they’ve been doing for the last 5 months.