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This Is All Of Trump Supporters In a Nutshell:

Perusing through Reddit, there was a post about this odd but super talented artist, Hairy Soul Man. The guy is off the charts insanely weird…so much so that you can’t look away or stop listening to his creative lyrics. I’ve wanted to share this for over a month only to chicken out because I don’t want to be judged. Fuck THAT! This is exceptional lyrical stylings with a heaping helping of creepiness.

I kept wondering if anyone in my life even came close to the persona Mr. Hairy Soul Man captures perfectly. Nah, I don’t. But people like this do, indeed, exist. But, where? In America? Why, of course. And, Then after some careful consideration it dawned on me…Trump Supporters! He exemplifies every single one of those assholes! And you make ask, how? Look at Alt-Right, Incels, or any rag tag misfits that worship that fucker who stole the White house. Take a listen and you’ll come to the same conclusion.