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Feeling Hopeful…

Well, last week I dove in head first into my new business I’ve been dreaming about it for years and last week I just did it! I opened my pet wear and accessories store. You ask, “Why?”. I did it because I love animals and especially dogs and cats. I thought wouldn’t it be fun to dress pets! And guess what? It is! It is so wonderful watching what my customers buy online and imagining how happy they are and how comfortable their pets will be.

It’s getting cold outside. Winter is approaching and wouldn’t it be nice if pets could be warm. So, I have a 40% sale on all coats & jackets to combat the frigid cold. But, I did have someone respond to one of my campaigns with dogs don’t need coats because they have fur. Were they serious? I straightened them right out with an article from a veterinarian who says our pets get as cold as we do; especially the one without a think coat. And even the one with thick fur coats still get cold. Who wouldn’t want their pup or kitty to be as comfortable as possible while walking in the park, taking to poop, are just hanging out in the back yard on winter day?

Besides the coat & jackets we carry sweaters and the cutest little sweaters. Oh, and we even have shoes to protect those paws from the cold snow and rain in the winter and hot surfaces in the summer. Don’t get me started on the adorable dresses we have for small breeds of four legged friends who are already the cutest but the dress personify little princess. I’m just giddy over our selections. Of course, we didn’t forget the essentials: collars, leashes, and harness sets for both your cat and dog.

Anyways, the first week at Paws And Affects Pet Wear And Accessories was a great success! I’ve learned a lot and look forward to the challenges and triumphs of the weeks ahead. Sure beats writing blogs about unmanageable politicians and their antics.

This coming week will be PAWSOME!?