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It’s Been A Long 4 Years…

I started this blog to give voice to my disillusionment with this country throwing away it’s opportunity to elect the first female president its history. I could not believe that we threw this country into chaos for a two bit White Supremacist con artist. I was hurt beyond measure. My faith in this country and its citizenry was shook! How could they betray me, their families, themselves? Everything good about America vanished, seemingly lost forever. How could we ever repair the damage I was certain Donald Trump would cause?

But, it’s not like me to roll over and die. Or to even accept that our fate lie solely in the hands of people who were hell bent on literally killing us. Yes, I foresaw this atrocious mishandling of the pandemic and the many lives lost and destroyed. Only those blinded by greed and selfishness couldn’t see. And it infuriated me even more. It wasn’t that they didn’t see…they just didn’t care. They still don’t. But, they don’t matter anymore. The can fall off the earth and I wouldn’t shed a tear. I would revel in the silence of their miserable existences. They deserve nothing but the worst that life has to offer after putting the country and whole through unnecessary hardships for kicks and giggles.

Who knew they were as strong as they are? Did you? I knew I was strong but boy was I tested in every measure. And after going through the fire I have been forged with a capacity for compassion, love, wisdom, endurance, and my faith restored.

This year has tried all our souls…we withered but we didn’t die. We survived the worst and watched our fellow men and women fall and rise and fall and rise again…but we made it…together!

Now, I am on to this new adventure. None of what I am endeavoring will match the strength needed to endure this one year of my life. We are not out of the woods but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Paws & Affects Pet Wear Accessories is a new journey where, hopefully, I won’t be cussing at the TV, having to take time-outs because my anger. I will just be delivering wonderful clothes to pet owners who want to splurge on their fur babies. I am honored to do it because, dammit, we deserve to be frivolous for a moment.

Thank you all for indulging me for the last 4 years. Now, we move on to something wonderful and new.