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Why is U.S. Funding And Arming Nazis in Ukraine?

Do not depend on American media to tell you the truth…have outside sources if you want to know the truth because now in the fog of war all sides are lying. But, those not in the battle can be considered neutral and have some truth. This is the Hindu, an Indian publication. They write about the contradictions, hypocrisy, and dangers the west, specifically the United States, is posing to the world by arming Ukrainian Nazis/White Nationalists in their proxy war with Russia. They see this as the same blunder as arming Afghanis who then become Al Quaeda and turn on the U.S. and their allies. India was a victim to the Al Quaeda bombings. India is an ally, although neutral in this conflict because it has a strategic alliance with Russia. Just like China. I would tend to listen to the two non-white countries with the highest populations in the world cautioning the world and preaching peace. And I look to the south where the majority of African nations are also abstaining.No matter how you feel about what Russia is doing in Ukraine there are other interests to consider. America is myopic and has been that way where Russia is concerned for over a century. But, when you look at the record, it has been the U.S. interfering and instigating problems with Russia and when the Russians retaliate, America plays innocent. They do the same with China or any other country that doesn’t bow to it: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lybia. All these countries a world away and with no threat to the United States, were attacked for “national security” reasons…all lies, all illegal invasions, bombings, wars. Below is an excepts of an article in The Hindu ( regarding the U.S. ignoring their prior judgments on Azov Battalion in their century’s pursuit to topple Russia:

“Rights Violations:

Different human rights bodies, including the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International, have accused Azov fighters, along with those form other volunteer battalions, of human rights violations, including torture, kidnappings, and extra-judicial executions. Over the years, the U.S. stance on the Azov has swung between proscription (driven by acknowledgement of its neo-Nazi politics) and sly collaboration (on the grounds of geopolitical pragmatism). In 2015, the U.S Congress passed a resolution stating that military aid for Ukraine cannot be used for funding, arming or training the Azov Battalion. But in 2016, the ban was rolled back, reportedly under Pentagon pressure. Since then, there have been unsuccessful efforts by Congress members — one of whom has described it as a “neo-Nazi paramilitary militia” — to designate the Azov as a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organisation’. For all that, Azov social media channels are rife with videos of militia members training with American-made weapons.”

And further:

“When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” to carry out a “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Ukraine, he appeared to be referring to the neo-Nazi militias such as the Azov, who – with the blessings of the Ukrainian state – have been at the forefront of Kyiv’s military campaign against the Russia-backed separatist groups. Until the Russian invasion, many in the Ukrainian mainstream viewed the rise of the Azov with concern. After all, they were a law onto themselves and did not defer to the state — while their military units could operate independent of the Ukrainian chain of command, their street patrol units did not answer to the police, and their defiance of the law went unpunished. But the Russian invasion — belying its stated aim of denazification — may well end up laundering the Azov’s neo-Nazi baggage, as seen with Facebook’s U-turn, and strengthen the far-right forces, not just in Ukraine but beyond as well, which isn’t good news for Europe’s liberal democratic order.”

Similar contradictions were also on display, for instance, in the way Facebook has reacted to the Azov. In 2016, it designated the Azov battalion a “dangerous organization”. In 2019, it placed the Azov in the same category as the Islamic State (IS) and banned it. But after the Russian invasion on February 24, Facebook reversed the ban, allowing expressions of praise for the Azov. Significantly, the Azov has always had a pan-Ukrainian dimension, with documented links to American white supremacist groups such as the Rise Above Movement (RAM). It has volunteer fighters from different parts of Europe. It regularly conducts military training camps for civilians, including children, and has tried to build a ‘cool’ sub-culture around nationalism, militarism and physical sports – its mixed martial arts tournaments are quite popular. Its spokespersons have reiterated their intent to eventually ‘take over’ Kyiv and have said Ukraine needs a dictator to set things right.”

No one knows what to expect from this war. Many have already claimed that Ukraine has won. But, what have they won…what will become of all the weapons and funds given to violent White Nationalists extremists and NeoNazis? Will Ukraine become the next for the U.S. and the West when they no longer need them?