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Hillary Most Certainly Did Campaign In Rust Belt…but emails!

hillary coal jobs

I am sick and tired of hearing Berniebots say, “Hillary should have campaigned in the Rustbelt!”. Guess what dipsticks? SHE DID! But that wasn’t enough for them. Hillary had to renounce the democratic base to get their vote: Black women, Hispanics, LGBTQ and true progressives(not these nihilists bigots who think they deserve the driver’s seat on a bus they didn’t know existed until Bernie snookered them into thinking he was a socialist dem).

They were novices to politics and didn’t know Bernie had a legislative history and didn’t care.  It just sounds good to say give free college education, legalize marijuana, get free healthcare for all(with zero plan on how exactly he would do it). It made for a good democratic, progressive pie in the sky mantra but you pushed Bernie for answers on got vapors…or hot air! No substance.

He had been in senate 30 yrs and hadn’t gotten even one of those things put into law. Not even in his home state! But, oh, those catty e-mails that exposed political people being, say what? BEING POLITICAL! And high school petty as hell.  But nothing nefarious.  Oh, wait, though, there was that time when Bernie’s team hacked the DNC database like the Russians.  There’s that but quickly drowned out and forgotten because….yep, you guessed it! EMAILS!!!!

Hillary campaigned and she campaigned hard! Not just on the coasts but all across this country! Can’t blame her for not wasting valuable resources in states with scarce votes. The Red States are hard to turn, better to consolidate your base and pluck off some of the centrists, moderates.  There was no way “Never Trumps” and “Never Hillarys” would be reachable. They remain unreachable even after the terrifying months of Trump. Because, of course, THOSE DAMNED EMAILS with truckloads of hideous urban legends and rumors concocted by Bernie, GOP, Russian propaganda.

No matter how much the boys and girls in media want you to believe that it was she didn’t win because she blew off Rustbelt; don’t believe it! Notice who was the prime constituency media was pushing. White working class(primarily males)…as if their votes were worth 10 times that of women and people of color.

I listened and watched in horror as the media described racism as economic angst, misogyny in normal behavior, violence as an appropriate response to protests. It was as though no mistake or sin Trump and his campaign committed, the media was going to pervert into a good character trait and did the exact opposite regarding Hillary. They seemed to resent her for honoring the faithful base of the democratic party.  They couldn’t bring themselves to take into account that the democratic party isn’t exclusive. And she wasn’t going to cater to a party of bigots.

And, now Hillary has receded back into private life and Bernie “Forever A Dem” Sanders announced, yesterday on All In W/Chris Hayes, he’s not a Dem! He wants to transform the party. No, Bernie, you want to purge the party to make room for the malcontented, mediocre, white males who want to be pampered. WTF?! No, just NO!