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Old Fox, O’Reilly, Finally Chased Out Of Henhouse

After all the allegations, complaints,  sexual harassment lawsuits, and settlement, O’Reilly is booted out at Fox “News”! He was the king of lowbrow, political sleaze! Spewing GOP propaganda every night and couching it in the ineptly named “Culture Wars” night after night. Getting paid million upon millions to scare and poison old people’s mind with fear of absolutely EVERYTHING. Cuz everybody knows that it’s easier to hate something or someone you fear.  But O’Reilly had a (not so safely guarded) secret:  He’s been sexually harassing women at Fox for decades.  Advertisers abandoned him this time…they didn’t just walk away, they left in jets taking all their ad dollars with them. And not just one or two but ALL OF THEM!

What made Fox and advertisers finally part ways with this notorious predator? Women! Strong women! Women who weren’t going to let him go another day unpunished for what he does to women who just want a career without being subjected to his unwanted advances. Like Trump, O’Reilly doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior…it’s just what guys do, right? But these brave women said NO MORE, BILL! They bravely came forward and took him head on and had the support of more 4 million women who marched in the Women’s March last January in protest of the PussyGrabber-in-Chief. Not surprising that Trump would give a full-throated support to O’Reilly during his time of tumult. Those good ole boys stand by one another at all costs.  Women are finally learning to do say! It’s a new day, boys!

Note: Don’t come for Auntie Maxine unless she calls for you!