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Russia, Russia, Russia!

No matter how distracted we are with Syria, North Korea, or all the other things boiling and roiling in the world, everything always comes back to Russia.  We are preparing for the worst with both Syria and North Korea all while avoiding any talk of “red lines”. This nation is collectively anxious because war may be imminent in the first few month as a seemingly disastrous Trump presidency.

It’s clear now that Russia hacked our elections. Of course, media doesn’t dare breach the idea that they hacked voting machines because we would be in the worst constitutional crisis this country has faced since the Civil War.  All the Russian connections of close associates and cabinet members of Trump is more than coincidental and highly, highly disturbing.  The Whitehouse has been infiltrated without a doubt. There is no doubt about that after the resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn.

For two years, we have been hopelessly waiting for Trump to disavow or say one negative word about Putin. Even today, Trump is denying Russia had anything to do with the General Election or his shocking win.  We are aware why: If he concedes that then he must also take the next logical conclusion and admit that his presidency is illegitimate. Anyone still clinging to the thought that this election was won fairly or within our constitutional constraints is either blind, deaf, dumb or is plain lying!

But why would Putin work so hard and so long to make sure the election of Donald J. Trump? Money: The root of all evil. Putin has had sanctions placed on Russian, him and his personal oligarch associates. If Hillary were to win he would have to endure those sanctions for at least another 8 years or cede Crimea and back away from Ukraine. He will do neither.  He longs for the old Soviet Empire and his iron fist rule of Eastern Europe. And he wants money…lots of money.

Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil, and current Secretary of State(handpicked by Putin) and Putin signed a sweet lucrative deal that is worth hundreds of billions upon hundreds of billions($$$). Unlucky for Putin though is President Obama slapped heavy sanctions on the deal. Both Tillerson and Putin will do anything for that oil…ANYTHING! Include hack elections, blackmail politicians, kill operatives, enact a coup of a sovereign government. You name it, they’ve done it!

Now, as was suspected, ExxonMobil’s newest CEO is asking for a waiver from sanctions.  How big of a conflict of interest is that for Tillerson? And how stupid do they think the American people are that we believe these new aggressions between US and Russia are anything but a thinly veiled ploy to get the sanctions lifted after Trump reports to the public that the kissed and made up and Putin conceded to all his demands.

If Trump or Tillerson even think about trying to override congress and lift these sanctions like they did with bombing Syria, Trump should be impeached immediately. Because the Long  Con of Don will have been exposed. This treasonous behavior by him and many members of Congress cannot be tolerated.