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Keith Who???

Just listen to this crap! I don’t know who’s the worst! Keith or Bernie! Both vying to “transform” the Democratic Party but for the life of me, I can’t find a single accomplishment between the two of them. What the hell did they ever do for the people?  That’s right CRICKETS! All day long…cricket! They seem too bitter and overly ambitious for a couple seasoned representatives who have very thin records to speak. And Bernie’s been around too damned long to have such a skimpy resume(so few bills sponsored or passed). Ellison, although he looks junior, has been around a while as well and besides working with the Ayn Rand disciple Rand Paul on sentencing and prison reform he really isn’t very impressive.

Rep. Ellison (D), MN, has some nerve to blame President Obama for the losses by Dems. Maybe, the candidates were just crap! Maybe if they weren’t trying to run so fast away from President Obama they might have won. I sure as hell wouldn’t support candidates that don’t support me. Definitely, a losing proposition.

Keith, President Obama’s legacy will be just fine. You should be focused on your own legacy instead of betraying the party by disparaging it, Hillary, or PBO. But, you, son and your partner in crime Bernie are skating on very thin ice.  It delights me to no end that PBO will be coming back to the public next week and shut you two down. And that goes for weak ass Tom Perez, too.

In trying to fuse misogynist malcontents who support Sanders into our party Perez is showing weakness and disloyalty to the base: women and particularly black women! We are not going to take a back seat to interlopers. They seem to forget that Hillary got more votes than anyone in the primary or general elections. They better understand and quickly because if you lose her base…you lose everything!

Man, this really got my blood boiling!