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Maxine Waters Gets The Last Laugh!





Bill O’Reilly learned the hard way that women aren’t taking his gross, unwanted sexual advances anymore. But he also learned: don’t come for Auntie Maxine unless she calls for you! Rep. Maxine Waters (D) has been winning in California and in DC since 1976 when she first held office in the California Assembly.  She knows how to fight and she doesn’t back down.  Better tell your buddy Trump she’s coming for him and the #KremlinKlan.

Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom and all the WONDERFULLY STRONG WOMEN took it to you, with an assist from Rep. Waters(who was hardly bothered by you).  But your petty lick boomeranged! It galvanized women and men alike to put a stop to predators like you!  Now let’s get the $25 million you got in your severance. That belongs to your victims!



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