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U.S. For Sale To Highest Bidder

Today, Trump sign another Executive Order! This order will free Federal Lands for private use(i.e. corporations). Under President Obama, these lands were pulled under the umbrella of protected lands for Natives and for environmental protections.  But true to form, Trump wants to roll back anything good for minorities or the environment if it cuts into his profit motives. Land, water, and mineral rights will be up for sale to the highest bidder! He credited Sen. Orrin Hatch(R-UT) for his tenaciousness regarding this burning issue. Again and again, he praised Sen Hatch for coming to him for relief. Utah is struggling under the unrelenting burden of laws first implemented by Theodore Roosevelt to conserve/protect our lands, water, minerals.

For years he has complained about all the arduous regulations that caused HIS businesses to fail: Trump Water, Trump Ice, Trump Steaks. Just a few of his failures that could have thrived in a regulation-free environ. But those pesky Obama regulations made it too darn hard! And how in the world could President Obama calculate the Native Americans’ Rights and Customs into his decision to expand what Roosevelt began? Trump said it himself, “in business, you don’t have to have a heart. In government, everything you do affects people”.  Uh-huh, he said that!

Now, we’ve never seen Trump’s tax returns nor do we know where all his business interests lie. But I’m willing to bet that whenever he signs and Executive Order there is something in it for him. We know that he tried Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, and I will repeat Trump Steaks. When he sings anything deregulating airlines, drugs, and alcohol, or food safety you will know that he wants to restart those businesses he thinks would be successful if not for regulations.

He hasn’t invested much in the way of the oil industry but as we can see he has many, many Russian friends who have. And since the Federal Lands will go to the highest bidder I’m sure they will be all too eager to purchase those parcels. Sarah saw more than Russia from her porch; she saw $$$$! Drill, baby, drill!