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What Teargassing Babies Say About What The Republican Party Thinks About Its Voters:

Yesterday, the fake president, Trump, ordered teargas to be thrown at babies, women, and men migrants. This sordid affair had two goals: 1) scare the shit out of white people and 2) torment the least of ours to feel superior. Both goals show how bereft, craven, and racist the Republican party is. And tonight, Trump is taking his ridiculous show on the road once again to beat the bushes for bigots. America is changing, too soon to say if for the better or worst but one thing is for sure, it is racist as fuck!

But, however, racist America is these heightened attacks on immigrants and watching media types like Chris Cuomo siding with the soldiers who are following criminal orders from a fraud, and Alyson Cambiati grinning from ear to ear while her co-host gives us the story of children being gassed at the U.S. border is beyond heartbreaking. Our media is more than 75% of the blame for this daily deluge of chaos we are experiencing. They stoke fears, side with the oppressors, feign ignorance, and tell outright lies when it suits them and keeps them in Trump’s good graces. Accessibility is all they want. THAT and advertising dollars.

While they are fiercely defensive about their slanted part in of this we must remember that our media is WHITE! They have the same fears and biases as the rest of America. So are more flagrant while others are more discreet but don’t you ever make the mistake that they are the purveyors of racism and bigotry. It is in their best interest to keep their audiences ignorant and reliant on them for (dis)information. It is how stations like Fox News has grown and thrived these many years; Although I’ve singled out Fox, they aren’t alone. CNN, MSNBC, etc are not immune.  They use euphemisms to hide their racist tendencies: they call racism exhibited by Republicans as “economic angsts”, “culture wars”; lies are merely falsehoods and liars don’t lie they just “misspeak”. Doublespeak in full effect trying to protect Whites from being label what they precisely are and gaslighting the rest of us who are the victims of their oppression.

But the most monumental gaslighting is Republicans telling their supporters they give a flying fuck about them. This brings me back to the immigration situation. The Republicans have said for years that Mexicans and other immigrants were stealing jobs from Americans. And the Americans believed them. So they re-directed all their hate, fear and loathing from Blacks to the brown people(they still hate Blacks). They’ve even tried to convince blacks that Mexicans are stealing jobs from us. Such utter bullshit. I, nor anyone I have ever known has lost a job to an immigrant! NEVER HAPPENED. Why? Because we don’t work in the fields picking produce anymore. We don’t work in hotels as maids. We have fucking degrees and work in all levels and sectors of the economy. So, we don’t see them as a threat. On the other hand, Whites had become complacent and reliant on systemic racism to propel them into positions they had neither prepared for or are qualified for. They sat on their privileged laurels and thought they didn’t have to compete for jobs because you know, WHITENESS.

I say all this to say that Republican politicians don’t think their voters have anything employers want! Too many addicted to opioids, uneducated, unskilled, adverse to relocating, and unwilling to fix any of these problems they have. They are saying that employers would leap over them to hire non-English speaking, low to no skilled Mexican migrants who also happen to be drug-free! And the only way to stop employers from hiring these low skilled workers is to keep them out of the country by any means necessary until Whites decide they have to actually compete in the global economy. No group of people will wait until White Working Class gets their shit together to compete. Trump cannot save you by hamstringing others. For as long as this country has been in existence it has suppressed and oppressed other groups of people to give Whites the advantage and even with all the systemic racism and inequality they are still falling behind…and they call themselves the Superior race. Just, Wow! Even their racist Republican representatives don’t believe that crap anymore!