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A New Day!

Do you see? I wasn’t always against Pelosi. Wrote this when she won Speaker. I was one of her staunchest supporters! Not a fiercer advocate will she find. But that has changed lately:

It is done! Nancy Pelosi has taken back the gavel as Majority Leader of the House! #SOTU gone be lit with her sitting behind Trump! When Mueller’s report drops and he shows Trump stole 2016 election via Treason and conspiracy to defraud the American people she will most likely proclaim Hillary Rodham Clinton POTUS. What? You say that’s not in the CONSTITUTION? Well, let me tell you about proclamations: the slaves were proclaimed free by Lincoln. Slave owners disobeyed that proclamation and thusly, got their asses kicked! You don’t steal an election with the help of a hostile foreign nation(Russia) and think we will move on as if nothing happened! What GOP/Republicans did(illegally) will be undone! This terroristic administration is going down…and so is the Republican Party when the truth about what they ALL did in 2016 is exposed to the American people. This country is far, FAR from perfect but it’s one of the best on earth!