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Pelosi Gets Credit For Doing Diddly

Speaker Pelosi gets a lot of credit! But, I can’t see anything she’s done except pass bills in the House only to watch them die in Senate. She’s getting applauded for half measures. Typical Wypipo bullshit!

She’s getting credit for getting 100 women elected when they couldn’t even mention her name on their campaign trails. She gets credit for ending the government shutdown when it was inevitable that the government was going to re-open due to public pressure. She get’s credit today for “demanding” Trump take down a caustic tweet that put one of her freshman members in jeopardy(the same member she censured after conservatives took her words out of context and twisted them). Pelosi gets credit for ACA but what people don’t tell you is that she spearheaded the kabash on single payer. President Obama wanted single payer, that was why we voted him in but Pelosi fought him on it and she won. Why didn’t she fight for single payer? And why isn’t she fighting harder for our Democracy now? Perhaps, she is too heavily invested in insurance industry?

Let me end by saying this: Hillary Clinton is not pleased with Pelosi. Neither is Obama. And you all can see why; she is highly ineffective and isn’t listening to the people. She is as regressive as they come when it comes to equality of people of color. She is strictly for white women and occasionally white men. But for people of color she is aloof, condescending, ignorant, distant, defiant and out of touch to our issues which is why Rep. Marcia Fudge and freshman dems challenged her last year. Rep. Fudge should start a campaign again to remove Pelosi from leadership ASAP! I will support her 110% if she does.

Charles Blow, New York Times columnist, puts everything into focus and explains why Pelosi is seemingly ineffective. White women have always propped these monsters up and Pelosi is sticking to tradition of White women’s oppression of people of color: