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Pelosi Has To Step Aside!

Update: After 3 days, Nancy Pelosi demands Trump take down his twitter post that targeted a Black Muslim American Congresswoman and the entire Muslim community. THREE FUCKING DAYS! What happens if he doesn’t? A time out? Anything but impeachment. Pelosi is COMPLICIT in the ruination of this country!!!! People, you have to come to the realization that she is not on our side. She is the establishment and wants power but doesn’t wield it for the people who have supported her even when there were others who would have done a far better job of protecting the Constitution and our rule of law. The constituents of new freshmen Representatives did not send them to Washington, DC to negotiate with a Terrorist; which Trump is. They sent them there to #ImpeachTheMotherfucker. Pelosi can’t or won’t understand that and that is why she MUST be removed or step aside!

We have passed the tipping point of keeping Speaker Pelosi in leadership. A leader who says regarding impeaching trump, “He’s not worth it!”, isn’t worth being The Leader. The American people are worth, Speaker. The Muslims that are being targeted by this criminal fake President are worth it. The congregants of the 4 churches burned in Louisiana are worth it. The 11 Jews who were shot down in their Synagogue are worth it. The Trans who are being banned from this country are worth it. The DACA recipients are worth it. And last but not least, the rule of law is worth it. If you don’t think that your job is to protect the American people from these daily deadly assaults.

All these accolades you get for being a tactician are bullshit. You are useless. The only reason you get this is because you are a white women. But, you remain useless in this battle against an evil administration. And the longer you are in the leadership position and attack YOUR OWN members while being silent or begrudgingly putting out some half-hearted tweet mildly condemning Trump for associating Rep. Ilhan Omar with 9/11. WTF kind of leader takes words out of context and use them to condemn their member for stating the truth that Isreal is committing war crimes against Muslims in Isreal and that a fair number of Jewish politicians have divided allegiances to Isreal. That’s fact! And your denial of it makes me believe you are either ignorant or lying. Therefore, aiding an abetting Trump in his assault on the Muslim community and people of color.

I will campaign against you in every way I can. I want you gone because you are not the right person for these times! Move aside, we need someone with conviction and who will fight for more than the White Working Class. Our party’s base is Black women and tend to forget that until you need a photo-op with one of them. Treating them like tokens. Not a good look, Speaker….Move aside!