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Representative Tlaib Is Correct: Pelosi Uses Them As Tokens To Boost Her Popularity!

Representative Rashida Tlaib is RIGHT! Pelosi uses them as props but doesn’t let them speak on the matters that their constituents voting them in for. Pelosi has little to show when it comes to stopping Trump and his assault on Muslims, Blacks, and the rule of law. She has kissed his ass and coddled a fucking maniac at the expense of the groups I mentioned. She even has the nerve to say Trump wasn’t worth impeaching. What she really means is Muslims, Blacks, LGBTQ, Women, Latinos, Jews, Immigrants aren’t worth. She is trashing the Constitution just as Trump is each day she refuses to start impeachement, which she should have done on DAY ONE of the new Congress. I have watched her and Schumer glad handing Trump and using these groups as pawns. She didn’t even attempt to fight for government workers pay…but what she did do was visit soup lines for a photo op…the most despicable and callous bullshit I’ve ever seen a politician who claims to be on our side ever do. Instead of suing the government to get their pay, she was visiting soup kitchens who fed workers instead of securing they get their pay for work they were performing. Pelosi is a failure and I’m learning very fast that she is not for the Democratic Party but for the establishment which she now yields power but refuses to use it to protect Democrats. She attacked her own Congresspeople and called them Anti-Semitic because like the Jews they believe they have a right to exist without being maligned, targeted and attacked. Like Trump, she is only representing certain segments of the Democratic party. The White segment! It turns my stomach every time I see that old bitch with her old ideals trying to stop progress so she can remain in power over the party. PELOSI HAS TO GO NOW! The main reason is she wants Trump to remain a foil till 2020 thinking it will motivate Dems to vote. But if he remains till 2020 there won’t be an election and it will mainly be her fault.

She has White men and women capping for her against Rep. Tlaib. That’s for easy for them to do when they aren’t targets of Trump’s deadly rhetoric. They don’t have to worry that one of his unbalanced racist followers will shoot them in their places of worship. They don’t have rebuild churches that have survived Slavery only to be torched by a racist who’s father happens to be a Deputy Sheriff. They don’t have to worry if the police will shot their children with impunity. They don’t have to worry about any of that but they think Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are divisive. If you ask me they aren’t speaking up enough. They aren’t directing there anguish and frustration toward the person who deserves it most: Nancy Pelosi!

Here’s a sample of some of the responses to Rep. Tlaib tweet stating facts about Pelosi and White democrats who are treating Muslim Black Women like shit; not understanding they are doing precisely what she correctly pointed out:

Their cloaked Islamophobia is sickeningly disgusting! Whites chastizing a woman who is under threat of death because of her faith is so wypipo that I can’t even pretend to be surprised. And this tweet is particularly apropos of white people! Telling Muslims and POC to wait for their turn, be patient, know your place. Where have we heard this before?