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About The Notre Dame Fire…

Last night, MSNBC aired a “special” where Richard Engel interviewed Steve Bannon about his new Crusade Against The Catholic Church And The Pope. Bannon intimated that the whole church needed to be burned down and reborn. I thought it was highly irresponsible for Engel to air such an unapologetic racist anti-Semite. Why? Because he’s in Europe right now trying to recruit like-minded white supremacists for his cause. These people are dangerous and they back up their hateful words with even more hateful and cruel deeds. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but just last week ago a white supremacist, 23-year-old, Holden Matthews, was arrested for burning down 3 historically Black churches. There was a 4th church burning but he wasn’t charged for that one. I remember saying when I heard about the fire that the suspect would probably be connected to law enforcement. Well, lo and behold, his father is a Sheriff’s Deputy. Media wanted to save the father and lied about him turning his son in…HE DID NOT TURN HIM IN! He quite possible knew all along his son had done it but remained silent while his son terrorized the Black religious community. I just hope they don’t come out saying they forgive him like Black folk are apt to do when white people do the most egregious shit to us! Black people need to cut that shit out and make every last one of the hatemongers an example so they don’t even think about causing us harm. I’m done forgiving these hate-filled, violent, volatile racists. Push for the strongest justice they deserve long prison sentences! And death sentences where warranted!

People can keep looking away from the carnage Trump and evil cabal are committing global at their own peril. Bannon is the general in this new crusade against the Catholic church. The Pope has insulted Bannon and his acolytes by proclaiming: a woman has autonomy over her body, God didn’t make a mistake when he created LGBTQ, love our Muslim brothers and sisters as we love ourselves, and many other Christian values. But, that is intolerable to Bannon and Trumpites! Everything the modern Catholic church professes now Bannon is dead set against. His strict ideology is narrow but cruel in it’s purpose and intent and, also, totally devoid of love, charity, and freedom of thought. And most certainly doesn’t include loving your neighbor no matter whom they may be.