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Now It Makes Perfect Sense Why Pelosi Won’t Impeach Trump

Per Wall Street Journal, Mitch McConnell has secured a $500 million investment for his fair state of Kentucky from a surprising, yet, not so surprising source: Oleg Derapaska, the Russian Oligarch with direct ties to Putin, Manafort and Trump. Derapaska is the oligarch who Manafort was funnelling polling data to during 2016 campaign. Besides, Sergey Kysliak, none has been more directly linked to both political parties’ leadership. Pelosi to this day denies ever meeting Kysliak even though there are pics showing she has! When questioned about it she clumsily lied but she’s met him and that’s fact!

Now, back to McConnell(and extension, Elaine Chao), they are getting kickbacks from Russians. And I will have to admit that Schumer and Pelosi are, too. It explains why she won’t impeach Trump. Her hands are just as dirty. She’s the so-called good cop to the most evil administration ever to exist. Everybody’s wondering why isn’t Pelosi doing more? Why would she make such a callous remark like Trump isn’t worth impeaching? That still bothers me greatly because she is abdicating her responsibilities while the world is literally burning around her! Makes perfect sense now!

Yesterday, I was in a heated debate with regarding why I thought she should step aside because is ineffective. I mentioned how 4 historically Black churches in my state were burned to the ground over 10 days. The fires were started by a white nationalist who supported Trump. He is the son of a Deputy’s Sheriff. I said maybe if these white supremacist/nationalist started burning Catholic churches she may start to think impeachment was worth it…well, today, Notre Dame Cathedral burns down to the ground. So we shall see…