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How To Get A “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card?

You do that by declaring you are a “The Chose One”, “I Am The King Of Jews”, “American Jews Are Disloyal To Isreal”, “Nazis Are Very Fine People”, have your wife hold a baby of a child whose parents were killed in YOUR name. Your first language is “World Salad” and “Provable Lies”. You cruelly separate children, cage them, and if that weren’t cruel enough you have them, as young as 2 years old, go to court and make them argue their cases for asylum in America. Then you start a trade war and set tariffs on top of tariffs that the American people have to pay to stick it to China although China has been trading for millennia with every culture in the world until “England” and “Spain” got the notion to INVADE other continents to rape and loot peoples who trusted them as friends.

Note what this motherfucker says about Xi. Xi is brilliant because he took what he wanted. He said the same about Putin re: Crimea! WTAF? The U.S. lost it’s way…why? Because America is a white supremacist country! Trump hastened it’s nigh destruction!

There is NO coming back from Trump! We can’t fix it! Maybe good, maybe bad…but we can’t go back to what used to be! Trump has made that certain. The New World Order is here!