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@Twitter Suspended Me, But I Still Have Shit To Say!

WTF was going on at the G7 summit? Watching Trump at the G7 summit was like watching some bizarre, twisted, psychedelic version of “The Truman Show” if Truman were totally insane and let out of his straight jacket after receiving a horse’s dose of Phenobarbital, Zyprexa, Seroquel and ‘Shrooms!!!! But, dammit, it didn’t put a dent in the insanity exhibited by Trump! Trump was STILL fucking NUTZ! Not his usually Nutzy self but completely otherworldly insanity!

Putin knew Trump was batshitcrazy! That’s why Putin sent Melania to him. Melania is defacto POTUS! Explains why she got that “Einstein Visa”. But, now even the illustrious “Russian Mole Mail Order” can contain his terrifying lunacy and psychological decompensation!

Here’s what I want to know: Is Melania giving Trump all this God Awful advice and then acts innocent when Trump looks to her for confirmation? Is she making the already insane man look more insane for her Putin?

Now, America has fallen off the precipice…we are no longer the leader of the FREE WORLD! Putin is happy that we look like fools after 62 MILLION Americans actually voted for this whacked-out white supremacist!