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Should We STILL Trust Dr. Fauci?

Lately, Dr. Fauci has been looking pretty shady. But THIS makes him look absolutely criminal. Per the article, the dear doctor financed a Wuhan lab with MILLIONS of U.S. dollars for risky Coronavirus research. In 2019, he was financing the lab to COLLECT and STUDY bat coronaviruses; giving the lab $7.4 MILLION for research spanning a 6 year period.

Now here’s where it gets funkier than what I initially thought: Fauci wanted the lab to do some weird sciencey shit called “gain-of-function” work. Sure, you’re thinking it sounds benign enough…gaining function can’t be all that bad. Well, it is if you want that for a lethal virus. It is essentially figuring out how to manipulate viruses to infect HUMANS! Yeah, you’re correct…just the thing that can start a goddam pandemic if mishandled! WTAF was Fauci thinking? And why on Goddess’ green earth would he want to have humans infected with such a catastrophic pathogen? Biowarfare, perhaps? And is that how all this shit began? Was Fauci doing Trump a solid by financing the concocting of a bio-germ to release in China(and Iran) to win the trade war Trump was losing with Xi? And dropped a little bit of corona to cripple China’s economy like it has put ours on life support? And Iran so they would stop wanting those nukes so badly…even after Trump assassinated their top general? Is Fauci Trump’s Dr. Mengele? Goddess, I hope not! But from this article, the evidence is not good for the good doctor. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope there’s not a mad scientist hiding behind that congenial facade. However, every day he stands next to the man who wanted to nuke hurricanes and inject bleach into people…my hope is waning.

Just in case we were too busily critically thinking about this bombshell and connecting dates and people our Dr. Fauci announces that we have found a miracle cure…REMDESIVIR…the silver bullet…the last and final hope for mankind! Only it isn’t. It’s palliative at best and lethal as the virus at worst. It bears no more significant benefits than a placebo. But, I’ll be damned if Dr. Fauci didn’t tout it as the next best thing to the discovery of Penicillin. The problem is that the minuscule benefits are outweighed by the adverse effects. Until we get the report we won’t know what those effects are but it sure pushed this story out of the headlines along with the other story of how Trump ignored dozens of warnings about the impending pandemic by experts, intelligence officials, and even his own sycophants like Navarro.

How we get out of this mess, nobody really knows…but, it’s safe to say it won’t be Dr. Fauci saving the world.