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“1619 Project” Wins 2020 Pulitzer Prize

Welp, I know I’m proud today!

This is yet another opportunity for me to recommend you read the New York Times’ “1619 Project” by Nikole Hannah-Jones! You go, Queen!

Ms. Hanna-Jones told our story. We are the glue and fiber that keeps this nation whole. Bigger than the circumstances we find ourselves in. We survived so many atrocities and we somehow we are not in despair. Is that why they hate us? Don’t know, don’t care…Our spirits have ALWAYS been free. No one can kill it!

When you tell the truth and nothing but the truth about America’s History, you stay winning. Our History didn’t start here but we are here now and we call it home. And you WILL hear our stories…always…our stories will break through all the noise and the lies!