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There’s dangerous politics being played these days. It was aptly coined by Professor Brittney Cooper in reference to Trump and conservatives attitudes and responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly in the United States. This form of ghoulish, callous deviant policies called NECROPOLITICS.

The U.S. has done it cost-benefit analysis and they’ve concluded the Trump administration has concluded that they will tolerate however many deaths necessary to save an economy that has been on life support well before this pandemic. First, they offered up MeeMaw and PawPaw and the backlash was swift and harsh. Then they tried a new tact: deny equipment, money or whatever to help urban areas counter deaths from Covid-19. Then when the death of Black and Brown people exceeded that of white elderly, pinpoint that data point, blame the victims for getting sick and dying, then commence to reopening the economy because if Whites feel they are in no immediate threat they will move along as if none are dying because they aren’t(deadly fallacy, by the way).

Trump even went and signed an executive order to force meatpacking plant employees to go back to work INFECTED, thereby, contaminating our meat supply. Add that to his followers threatening first-line workers who wear masks to protect themselves from contracting a deadly virus. And they are having protests against stay at home orders and they inevitably devolved into Klan rallies complete with nooses and swastikas regalia. This almost always ends up happening with Trump supporters because their so-called economic angst was and will continue to be embedded with racism, bigotry, and ignorance. It’s a fucking(apparently,Grammarly highly disapproves of the word “fucking”; judging me with a frowning emoji…lol) disgrace.

Of course, communities of color understood very well why they spent 2 hours of their abysmal briefings to let White America know…y’all gonna be fine….it’s these Black and Brown folks…you’re safe…NOW, GO BACK TO WORK(when they go back they will get infected and they will DIE!). Facts don’t bother these folk; whatever dear leader tells them is taken as the gospel truth.

Prof. Cooper, did not miss the racist White Supremacist undertones and commence to flogging and held nothing back. She sent all of us who follow erudite tweets to our respective Oxford dictionaries. No word could properly describe in totality the horrors we were witnessing from our government :

I thank Black Jesus for conscientious scholars like @ProfessorCrunk because she crunk it all the way up! Taking nuclear grade heat from the usual conservative suspects and republican peanut galleries, she doubled tf down. She dispatched them brilliantly and I was there for ALL of it! Cuz when you’re right you can stand in your square with integrity and self-righteousness. Yeahhhhh, she set it off!

To everyone reading this: #StayHomeStaySafeSaveYourMoney