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Trump Isn’t The Problem; His Supporters Are

White America, and to some extent, Black, Brown, and Asian America has been coddling Trump supporters to the detriment of the country and its health and safety. Anybody in their right minds knew what these protests against stay at home orders were about. When they first started these astro turf protests it was clear as day that these assholes think they are immune from the Coronavirus. They are believing Trump administration that Black and Brown communities are hardest hit with mortality rates. Well, that part is true. But it’s because Black and Brown live in densely populated urban areas and health care delivery systems in these areas are riddled with systemically racists problems. But Surgeon General Jerome Andrews, the Blackface of the Pandemic Response Team, was put forth to convince White America that it’s just those crazy lifestyle choices Blacks make that are causing all these death…not at all the racist system that oppresses them in every sector in life. The dear doctor caught hella shit for that nonsense but it rang true for Trump Supporters. So now, as usual, they think their “clean living” will spare them. Nevermind that most of the meatheads protesting look like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart attacks on parade. We watch in horror as they have gotten into cops’ faces unmasked, screaming and ejecting possibly infectious spittle all over the cops(suddenly cops have unimaginable restraint and you already know why).

Last weekend wasn’t the first time these yahoos have descended ARMED to Michigan’s state capitol. They have done prior. Protesting their right to get infected and/or die from Covid-19…of course, they think they won’t get it because they believe they’re immune and it’s a people of color’s or old useless white folks’ disease. They yammered on and on and about “FREEDOM” in their previous protests. But this weekend was SPECIAL in the annuls of White supremacy. The not only came armed with assault rifle they came with that traitor Confederate flag accessorized with Swastikas and nooses. Ahhh, blending all the racist tropes into one collection Nazi-KKK bonanza.

Now, the Governor of Michigan could have put a stop to this 2 weeks ago when they blocked traffic and entrances to the hospital’s emergency department on the same block. She could have had them arrested for reckless endangerment, public nuisance, disturbing the peace, etc. But, no, she said she understood their frustration. She understood that their right to cause mayhem overrode the right of every citizen who was following stay at home orders to stop the ridiculous rise in Coronavirus cases and Covid-19 deaths. They had the absolute right to obstruct entrances to a hospital’s emergency room. All of that was a lie. But White politicians, male or female, will excuse tf out of White Supremacists…they accomodate their every misguided hateful whims while the rest of us watch in absolute horror. As well as Governor Whitmer had handling her state’s pandemic response, she screwed the pooch on this! She, in essence, abetted crimes against her other law abiding citizens for White Supremacists and apparent traitors(revering the Confederate flag and all).

It’s funny how leaders like Whitmer disappoint so greatly and so often. She, others and the media put the needs, wants and desires of White Supremacists ahead of all of their other constituents and audiences. On second thought, that shit isn’t funny at all…it’s dangerous because as you can see it escalates. First, they come with misspelled posters and obstructive acts. You let it ride and say you feel their pain. Then they come back with weapons threatening your lives and any sane person who wants to avoid contracting Coronavirus. They claim these people’s selfish actions are protected by the Constitution; however, we know that total bullshit. You rights end when they infringe upon mine, Period. Especially when my health and life are at risk. I conclude that all of these mealy mouth cowardly White leaders are put the majority of their citizens lives at constant risk letting these protests go on unchecked.

If they continue to allow Cliven Bundy bullshit many will become infected and die…Black and White alike. Black and Brown communities on the most part understand the dangers and have acted accordingly, with few exceptions. Conversely, Whites feel like they can not only protest safety measures but they can also terrorize minorities in the process. But, like Ice Cube, if you drink the kool aid, “know who you’re fucking with” because the peace can be broken when Black, Brown and Asian people decide they aren’t dying for White Supremacist. And the way I see it, that can be any day now. Do they think we don’t own weapons? Bruh, the artillery is REAL!!!!