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Brand New Beginning With Biden-Harris!

Yesterday, after four years of living under the oppressive regime of Donald J. Trump and his Deplorables, America has hit the reset button and we are starting all over. No one could have predicted on November 9, 2016 that this country could have come so close to the brink of losing Democracy forever. Not only that but to see White Supremacy and restrained corruption get such a grip our country. We watched in disbelief as each of our precious institutions fell to the wayside. Congress seemed irreparably broken. The pall that hang over the nation caused even the most fervent believers in American exceptionalism were quavering. They were afraid…no, terrified that the Great American Experiment was over.

White Supremacy was emboldened by Trump and his minions that it exposed a sick, craven nature of the country and its people that other nations watched in horror. And those of us who were victims of the assaults asked, almost in vain, “Who will save us?”. Who come against this fascist tyrannical government and save those who have experienced oppression we’d only said would happen in third world despotic “shithole” countries? What country was brave enough to rescue us by any means necessary? The answer was none. We had to save ourselves. And that’s exactly what we did.

So, you saw the least likely patriots; Blacks, Latinos, Asians, White liberals/progressives, Republicans, Conservatives, young, old, straight, gay, male, female patch together a coalition that at first glance seem like David of the bible. A monstrous government and a hateful populous seem like an unbeatable giant…mammoth. What these giant didn’t expect was that this ragtag team love this country more than life. The love-hate relationship of Blacks, Latinos have toward a country that always treated them like the red headed stepchildren cannot be adequately express with mere words. On November 3, 2020, no words were needed. Just a 76 Million votes and Democracy saved and White Supremacy beat back for the time being. Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, gave this country a lifeline.

Against unprecedented voter suppression, dismantling of the postal service, stacking of the courts with unqualified/corrupt/racist judges, armed White Militias terrorizing intimidating citizens and politicians alike, spewing of unsubstantiated lies and allegations against politicians on the left, threatening of citizens and politicians who were against the party in power with arrests, even plots of kidnap and murder by before mentioned armed White Militias. And all of this while the president was letting hundreds of thousands die from Coronavirus and holding superspreader rallies all across the country. Yes, America had fallen to third world status.

And, yet again, the conscience of America came through: Black Women! Let America never forget how we came so close to losing the soul of the nation and who stepped up unflinchingly and without hesitation to save it! For all our misgiving and maltreatment about and from the United States, Black women have always been its saving grace.