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Day 10 Of The Coup D’Etat

It has begun. Or, shall I say, it is in full swing. The first every American Coup D’Etat. The theft of the election. Georgia’s SOS announced they will do a hand recount of ballots. That’s several million. The deadline for certification is FRIDAY. No way this will be completed by then. Gives Trump and republicans opportunity to challenge the certification and steal the state. White Supremacy is the weakest shit on the planet! All of the voter suppression and they still couldn’t pull off the theft. So, now Trump is lining up the military to quash all uprising after he steals the election from the former VP of the first Black two term president and First Black female VP-elect. What’s chilling about this is that he might get the military troops to willingly assist him in his coup d’etat. He will certainly get those White militias to do it.