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Justice Samuel Alito Just Blew Up SCOTUS

Listen to this crap in its entirety:

Earlier tonight, SCOTUS Justice, Samuel Alito took a torch to the court’s creed that they remain apolitical by giving the most outrageously conservative rantings ever spoken from a sitting justice on the bench of our highest court. He held nothing back in attacking gay marriage, Plan B contraceptive(he really showed his ignorance about biology), Covid-19 restrictions(again speaks ignorantly). He railed against science and rambled senselessly about “free speech” to abuse LGBTQ community. You literally have to watch and or listen to believe it! It’s stomach churning to know that someone who sits in judgement over everything in this country is a loud and proud BIGOT of the highest order. Trying mightily to conceal his rabid bigotry with religious rights, freedom of speech, and “rule of law”, he failed miserably trying to rationalize taking freedom from others.

But, I suppose we should be thanking the reprehensible jurist who has, without any doubt, proven is a card carrying member of the Trump #DeathCult. He has made the argument more strongly than any Liberal/Progressive/Democrat could have ever made for expanding and equalizing the courts. If President-elect Biden doesn’t start on day one on expanding the courts from district to SCOTUS then WTF do we need him? There can’t be(and shouldn’t be) a more legitimate reason than Alito’s soliloquy laden with grievances about about how the courts and other such White Supremacists are too burdened by the concept of tolerance(they sure as hell don’t practice it).

I wished he had commented on the election directly. But, he did circumspectly: by denouncing democrats and how we are darkening the countries future he has, by default, forced his own recusal in any cases re: any bogus challenges by Trump. Yes, he may think he can spout off his ill conceived, puritanical, ignorant, deeply bigoted and think there are no consequences but the works quite differently. If by chance he isn’t impeached he most certainly be cenrured.

Lastly, the Constitution as written must be rewritten. The Supreme Court is too political and it is absurd to have lifetime appointments in any governmental office when the life expectancy is 80+ years. And no judges from the Federalist Society. No organization is as openly political as it is. Banish it. I point to Alito as my exhibit as to why.

And, don’t get me started on his opinion regarding the response to Covid-19. He’s simply an ignorant monster. Oh, and White nationalist trash!